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Talking Points for 2019:

2018 Library Legislative Platform

Talking Points:

RLBSS Talking Points (HF 1382 & SF 1033)

Multicounty Multitype Talking Points 2018

School Libraries Grant Pool HF2698 2018

Construction projects — 2018 Bonding

MN Library Net Neutrality Talking Points 2018

Rural Broadband Coalition Fact Sheet 2018

CRPLSA has a long history of  initiating and supporting legislative activity relevant to library operations and services.

2017 Library Legislative Platform

Talking Points:

Broadband Telecommunications Access for Schools and Public Libraries

Library Legacy Request HF 1308  & SF 1134

Regional Library Basic System Support (RLBSS) HF 1382 & SF 1033

2016 Library Legislative Platform

Talking Points for the Library Construction Grants: Accessibility and Improvement

Libraries around the state have passed resolutions supporting the Minnesota Broadband Vision – Click here for information

2015 Library Legislative Platform

Supplementary Infographics offer background information on each legislative plank.

2015 Special Legislative Initiative

In an unprecedented action, nine regions are undertaking a separate  legislative initiative during the 2015 legislative session to change the Regional Library Basic System Support (RLBSS) formula.

For many years CRPLSA has studied a variety of solutions in an effort to lessen formula volatility and budget uncertainty.  However, the group has been unable to secure unanimous agreement.  In 2013, a special joint CRPLSA/MELSA Ad Hoc Funding Committee proposed a formula change that was approved by nine regional library boards.

This proposal reduces the equalization factor from 25% to 15% and increases the basic system service factor from 5% to 15%.  The formula change is endorsed by:

  • Arrowhead Library System (ALS)
  • East Central Regional Library (ECRL)
  • Lake Agassiz Regional Library (LARL)
  • Northwest Regional Library (NWRL)
  • Pioneerland Library System (PLS)
  • Plum Creek Library System (PCLS)
  • SELCO (Southeastern Libraries Cooperating)
  • Traverse des Sioux Library Cooperative (TdSLC)
  • Viking Library System (VLS)

2014 MLA – MEMO Library Legislative Platform

Supplementary details or “talking points” offer more information on each legislative plank and are useful when advocating for specific initiatives.

2013 MLA – MEMO Library Legislative Platform

Supplementary details or “talking points” offer background information

2012 MLA/MEMO Library Legislative Platform

MLA/MEMO talking points to assist library staff, trustees, and Friends when sharing information with legislators.

2011 MLA/MEMO Library Legislative Platform

Background information on each of the planks or issues referenced in the 2011 library legislative platform

2010 MLA – MEMO Legislative Platform as revised February 3, 2010 for Library Legislative Day, February 24, 2010: Talk Is Cheap. Advocate, Advocate, Advocate!

Previous Library Legislative Platforms

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