FUN!damental in ALS

ALS logoFrom September 26, 2014 through February 14, 2015 various Arrowhead Library System (ALS) locations will host Brian Rauvola with FUN!damental. Brian will present a three hour hands-on beginning photography workshop about using digital cameras and editing photos. Participants are encourage to bring  their cameras (compact or dSLR), camera manuals, a tripod and other accessories to learn how to use camera’s features to improve picture taking.

Check the ALS Legacy Events for time and location details

Each FUN!damental group will explore the library inside and outside (weather permitting) to practice taking photos while also learning to use light effectively and other artistic elements, such as composition, leading lines, rule of 3rds, etc. to improve images, as well as software to optimize and resize images.

Brian Rauvola has been a semi-professional photographer in the Duluth and the North Shore area for nearly 20 years. He owns and operates the Duluth Photography Institute, which began October 2010 and offers workshops, gallery space, and a fully equipped lighting studio.