GRRL Mosaics

GRRL Buffalo mosaic 2014As part of Library Legacy activities, Great River Regional Library (GRRL) commissioned Minneapolis artist, Lisa Arnold, to offer community mosaic workshops and create local art.   During the 1-2 hours workshop, attendees learn the basics of making a mosaic and  contribute to a community mosaic. Lisa designs the basic format of the mosaic in advance, attendees select glass, tile, and pottery fragments to place within the design.  The artist then completes the work after the program by grouting it. The new art piece is displayed in the library.

Each GRRL mosaic was a map of Minnesota with a unique bauble to mark the location of the library.  Book titles and subjects are added along the bottom to customize to that location. The Buffalo mosaic features a bison on the Minnesota map where the City of Buffalo is located and offers an example of how the regional project is tailored to each community.   This region-wide project will conclude this summer and GRRL will have 32 mosaics – one for each GRRL library.

Regions interested in hosting a similar project are encourage to contact Lisa Arnold directly for more information.