History Day Library Staff Transition

MHS History Day logoA staffing update from Tim Hoogland, Director of Education Outreach Programs, Minnesota Historical Society

For the rest of this year, Sammi Jo Coryell will manage our History Day Library partnership, which will include the upcoming Hullabaloos and following up with surveys, paperwork, and thoughts for next year.

Sammi Jo was a History Day student and has worked with the program for 5 years. She has been a History Day Mentor at UMD and worked as supplemental support staff for two years. More importantly, it was Sammi Jo who filled in to support library programming after we lost Laura last year. She will do an excellent job and provide seamless support for teachers, students and libraries.

All of this happened very quickly, so we are communicating with our teacher and library partners now that we have our staffing plan in place.

History Day Minnesota is having another outstanding year of library programming and we are looking forward to the “Gopherbaloo” at the U of M tomorrow. Thank you for helping to make all of this possible for the teachers and students of Minnesota.

Tim Hoogland
Director of Education Outreach Programs
Minnesota Historical Society

Affiliated Instructor of History
University of Minnesota