ALS Endorses Proposed RLBSS Formula Change

Hand writing formula on blackboardThe Board of Arrowhead Library System (ALS) voted unanimously to support a change to the Regional Library Basic System (RLBSS) formula during the 2015 legislative session.  It is the first regional board to do so.  During the coming months, each of the other 11 regional library boards will be asked to support the proposal to amend current statutory language.

Minnesota supports regional library service around the state through an appropriation of RLBSS aid administered by the Department of Education.  Members of the library community reviewed the current formula and support different percentages while retaining the same calculating factors: base, population, area, and equalization.  The adjusted formula is intended to reduce funding volatility.  If approved the new formula would become effective in 2016.

Background information on the proposed RLBSS change.