eBooks Minnesota

Minitex and the Minnesota Department of Education State Library Services will launch a two-year pilot project that will create a statewide collection of ebooks. The opening day collection will bring statewide access to school-aged content from Minnesota independent presses. Over time, the goal is to create an ebook collection that is of interest to all age groups and all types of libraries.  Currently, Minitex and State Library Services are seeking input to how best to accomplish long-term collection development and achieve project stability

ebooks MN logoeBooks Minnesota Goals

  • Support Minnesota’s authors
  • Support Minnesota’s independent publishers
  • Bring authors, publishers and librarians together
  • Connect children and youth to ebooks that support school and public library collections
  • Supplement adult ebook collections
  • Preserve Minnesota’s literary heritage
  • Provide ebooks for public, school and academic libraries
  • Purchase from publishers throughout Minnesota

This continuing statewide partnership builds on the 2014 work for Explore eBooks MN.  After a series of webinars and an all-day participatory retreat, the library community identified these outcomes as essential for any future statewide endeavors.

  • Permanent Ownership of Titles
  • Unlimited Access
  • Unlimited Circulation Period
  • DRM-Free
  • Easy to Use
  • Shared, For All Types Libraries
  • Stable Funding   (Two year pilot)
  • Training & Support
  • Infrastructure including for ILL  (In development)
  • Advocacy  (In development)