KRLS & MELSA make it an even dozen!

Hand writing formula on blackboardWith board action by the Kitchigami Regional Library System (KRLS) and MELSA trustees, the library community has unanimous support by 12 regions for a 2017 legislative initiative to change the Regional Library Basic System Support (RLBSS) formula.

This new initiative will request a $3 million per year increase in the annual RLBSS appropriation, well as a change to the current formula.  The formula change will reduce the Equalization factor from 25% to 15% and increase the Basic System Services factor from 5% to 15%. The formula changes reflect increased costs in basic operation and use of public library service and lessens the volatility of the formula associated with Adjust Net Tax Capacity (ANTC). In addition, the proposal requests that the formula be based on the population and tax capacity figures as reported by the Minnesota State Departments of Demography and Revenue respectively by January 1 of the year in which the grants are awarded.  This will enable regional libraries to prepare budgets based on accurate calculations rather than estimates.

Proposal to amend current statutory language tied to a funding increase