Legislative Update: Bills Introduced! 2/16/17

RLBSS & Multi-type bill introduced:

HF 1382, Rep. Bud Nornes (GOP Fergus Falls) & SF 1033, Sen. Gary Dahms (GOP Redwood Falls) were introduced this week. These bills include MLA-ITEM RLBSS and Multi-type funding increases. The legislation also includes the agreed upon formula adjustment and clarifications on how and when MDE will calculation regional system aid payments. If passed this would be the first increase in library system funding since state fiscal year 2009.


House Legacy bill introduced:

HF 1308 Rep. Mary Murphy (DFL Hermantown and longtime library champion!) was introduced this week. The Senate companion is chief authored by Sen. Dave Senjem (GOP Rochester) and will receive and official SF bill number on Monday.


Library Capital Investment bill:

Rep. Jeff Howe (GOP Rockville) and Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen (GOP Alexandria) are signed on as chief authors of our $10 million capital investment request for library renovation and construction grants. We will have an official HF bill number on Monday. We’re still gathering co-authors in the Senate.

It’s also important to note that the Senate Capital Investment committee has already moved last session’s failed bonding bill out of committee. SF 210 includes $2 million for library construction and renovation grants.

The city of Walker may be seeking a $400,000 grant to improve their library as a stand-alone bonding proposal this session.

MLA Day at the Capitol

We’re getting excited to see many of you next week for library legislative day. We have many proposals in the works and need your help to advance them.

Sam, Rob and Joe
Capital Hill Associates