LSTA Grant Opportunity

MDE Logo 2013Library Services and Technology Act Competitive Grant Opportunity
Federal Fiscal Year 2015

State Library Services is pleased to announce the 2015 Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) competitive grant opportunity. An estimated $650,000 is available to fund grant projects that help to achieve Minnesota’s LSTA Five-Year Plan (2013-2017).

The LSTA Five-Year Plan’s overarching goals are to expand services for learning and access to information and education resources, and to establish and provide a strong infrastructure that promotes equity of access to high-quality library services for all Minnesotans. State Library Services has identified Subgoal 1.2 as a Preferred Subgoal for this grant opportunity. At least $325,000 will be awarded to projects that provide educational opportunities for children and youth. The application and instructions are available at the Minnesota Department of Education’s Grants Management Site.

For more information, please email Jackie Blagsvedt or call: 651-582-8791.