PCLS Endorses RLBSS Change

Hand writing formula on blackboardThe Plum Creek Library System (PCLS) Board has approved the concepts identified in the proposal to amend current RLBSS statutory language and will support a 2015 legislative initiative.

The adjusted formula will reduce funding volatility and make budgeting more stable. Should the Regional Library Basic System Support (RLBSS) appropriation increase by $1.2 million per year above the current $13.5 million amount, the equalization portion of the formula would be reduced from 25% to 17.5%. If the proposed funding increase is $2 million or greater, then the equalization factors will be adjusted from 25% to 15%. In each case, whether equalization is at 17.5% or 15%, the funds previous assigned to the equalization category will shift to the base to cover basic operational expenses.