State Library Initiatives

A State Library Services update from State Librarian, Jennifer Nelson:


Decisions related to e-books are at the top of many people’s to-do list this year. To help ensure that Minnesota’s libraries have access to the latest information and a breadth of knowledge, State Library Services has convened a small planning group to develop a series of educational events leading to an E-Book Summit for Minnesota libraries. The E-Book Summit and its educational events will engage all types of libraries – academic, school and public – in assessing where e-books and e-content fit in Minnesota. More to come on this exciting effort.

State Library Services is pleased to announce a new statewide initiative grant to the St. Paul Public Library. The grant is designed to help libraries become more engaged in workforce skill building by encouraging library partnerships with literacy organizations through the North Star Digital Literacy assessment project.

 A partnership with the Minnesota Department of Commerce is providing regular opportunities for libraries to offer a range of programming related to financial literacy, energy conservation and more. The Department is also helping keep libraries aware of the impact of the Affordable Care Act in Minnesota with regular updates.

Looking ahead, we will be streamlining and updating the Public Library Accessibility and Improvement grant program in the coming months. We are starting now to update the program description, applications, instructions and more so that clear and concise information about the program is readily available.

Jennifer R. Nelson, Director / State Librarian
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