SELCO Teen Poets Featured in blogged[ED]MN

SELCO Poetic Strokes Wordflow 2014 Two teen poems from SELCO’s new Wordflow anthology are featured in the April 23, 2014  blogg[ED]MN news posting.

Through the benefit of Arts and Cultural Heritage Funding for Library Legacy activities, SELCO has an ongoing commitment to area writers.  Each year the regional library system hosts a poetry writing competition.  The poems selected by a panel of qualified judges are printed in a regional anthology.  Initially dubbed, Poetic Strokes, for adult writers, SELCO expanded the contest in 2013 to include teen literary works which are published as Wordflow.

Kids Design Glass Highlighted

Each of the 14 fantastical glass sculptures created as part of the East Central Regional Library (ECRL) Kids Design Glass project are featured in the new issue of  blogg[ED]MN.

The Minnesota Department of Education introduced blogg[ED]MN, as a new communication tool in January 2014.  From updates on new efforts, investments and policies to interviews with education leaders and profiles of innovative schools, blogg[ED]MN offers a place where readers can stay up to date on what’s going on in Minnesota education.

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