SELCO’s MNBA Publicity

MNBA logo purpleSELCO created personalized press kits for nine Minnesota Book Award finalists and winners to help promote recent author visits.  The press materials always include a general press release, a sample Facebook post, and a tweet for the library’s Twitter account. Several have expanded  biographical information when it was readily available.

Feel free to use this Library Legacy publicity if an author visits your community!

  • Brenda Child
  • Tricia Cornell
  • Allen Eskens
  • Michael Hall
  • Nicole Helget
  • Julie Klassen
  • Nancy Koester
  • Larry Millet
  • Laura Purdie Salas

SELCO’s 2016 Minnesota Book Award Author Tour press kits

ECRL Push for Broadband Support

MN Broadband Vision 2016East Central Regional Library (ECRL) is in the midst of a marketing campaign to generate support for the Minnesota Broadband Vision and solicit personal stories.  This follows the February 2016 ECRL board meeting, when the board endorsed a resolution supporting the Minnesota Broadband Vision stating that “everyone in Minnesota will be able to use convenient, affordable, world-class broadband networks that enable us to survive and thrive in our communities and across the globe.”

Components shared with each of the 14 ECRL locations include:

  1. Press release announcing the efforts
  2. Poster (11 x 17) of the broadband resolution signed by ECRL board president, Mike Warring
  3. A broadband table tent
  4. An online survey, as well as on location half-sheets to collect personal broadband or Internet stories
  5. Broadband petition to be shared with with area legislators

The ECRL broadband publicity efforts will continue through March 26.

VLS Shared PR

VLS logo imageThe Viking Library System (VLS) member libraries will repeat their successful marketing program of several years ago wherein each library is responsible for a complete set of marketing materials for one month.  The materials will be shared with all of the other libraries, resulting in a full year of marketing materials in return for one month’s concentrated work.

The overall theme is Your Library and the monthly focus topics were developed by the entire group.  Special efforts are made to emphasize the fact that all member libraries belong to a single regional library and work together for the betterment of all.  The monthly collection of marketing materials will  include: posters, bookmarks, press releases, Facebook posts, twitter feeds and radio PSAs.

New GRRL Event Guide

GRRL logo and library card

Great River Regional Library (GRRL) published a four-month Event Guide for the first time, featuring programs from May through August. This change required a little more advanced planning, but has been well received by the staff and the public. It will allow regional staff to promote all of the GRRL summer events during the spring class visit season.

In addition to distribution through the branch libraries, GRRL has connected with local organizations in 26 communities where there is not a GRRL library to distribute a supply of Event Guides.

New GRRL PR video

Great River Regional Library (GRRL) has a new public awareness campaign.  The video  was created by St. Cloud State University students whose management class required a service project and this is the outcome.  The students responsible for the infomercial handled all of the production details.  They also worked with two cable companies for additional coverage on local stations beyond the web resource.

MNBA press materials

MNBA logoWith Minnesota Book Award finalists and winning authors traveling the SELCO region (and other parts of the state as well) SELCO created a press kits to assist local libraries in getting out the good news about these speakers. The press materials always include a general press release, a sample Facebook post, and a tweet for the library’s Twitter account.  Several have expanded information and may include biographical information or even an author’s book jacket photo.  These press kits closely resemble those created and shared by ALS promoting the Minnesota History Players.  Feel free to use to promote an author visiting your community!

Rae Katherine EighmeySoda Shop Salvation

Jack El-HaiThe Nazi and the Psychiatrist

Brian FreemanThe Cold Nowhere

Cary GriffithWolves

Rachel HanelWe’ll Be the Last Ones to Let You Down

Erin HartThe Book of Killowen

Melanie HoffertPrairie Silence

Thomas MaltmanLittle Wolves

Carrie MesrobianSex & Violence: A Novel

Kent NerburnThe Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo

Elizabeth VerdickPeep Leap

History Players in Libraries & Schools

MHS LogoUsing props and artifacts, costumed History Players from the Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) engage library patrons of all ages in their memorable life stories.  Each lively 45-minute presentation is a fun and stimulating way to learn about the people, places, and events that shaped Minnesota.

The Arrowhead Library System (ALS) created promotional press kits to assist library promotional efforts when hosting a History Player.  Click the links below for information about these important Minnesotans.

Through a partnership between CRPLSA and MHS, the History Players are available for Library Legacy programs.  For more information, contact your regional library Legacy Coordinator.